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Patentability of medical methods

US Patent Attorney Gabriela Tomescu and European Patent Attorney Rut Herbjørnsen come together to lecture on patentability in USPTO and EPO for a half day seminar in May.

In this seminar, we discuss patentability of medical methods in EPO and USPTO in view of recent developments in practice. Gabriela Tomescu has extensive experience with US Patent practice, including patentability, and Rut Herbjørnsen is a European and Swedish Patent Attorney, specializing in patentability of computer implemented inventions.


Medical method are excluded from patentability in some jurisdictions, for ethical reasons. A medical practitioner should not be prevented from using the best possible treatment method because of a patent. In the USA, there is no exclusion; instead there are rules for what is considered an infringement of a claim related to a medical method. This seminar explores the limits of the exclusions, what can be patented and on what conditions, in the EPO and in the USA.

Target group

Patent attorneys who draft applications for prosecution in both USPTO and EPO


Date: May 4 
Location: Online
Time: 13.00-16.15
2.700 SEK excluding VAT

Campaign offer
Register at the latest on April 4th and pay 2.500 SEK excluding VAT

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